2008 Reports

  • One Dream, Two Realities Perspectives of Parents on America's High Schools 
  • Parents are central to the educational success of their children. In an effort to give parents a voice and to provide ideas on how schools and parents can work more effectively together to strengthen the education of children, we conducted a series of focus groups and a nationally representative survey of 1,006 parents of current and recent high school students in urban, suburban and rural communities across America. Parents are clearly ready to help their children succeed academically, but they need better information and tools from the schools to do so- ranging from how to help with homework to how to get into college. We hope this report will prompt dialogue and action at all levels to foster meaningful collaboration between schools and parents to help more children fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. 

    Partner: Peter D. Hart Research Associates
    Sponsor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

  • More to Give Tapping the Talents of the Baby Boomer, Silent and Greatest Generations 
    The central message of this report is that tens of millions of Baby Boomers and members of the Silent Generation, while not as civically active as the Greatest Generation in their younger years, are healthier, living longer and appear ready to increase their civic participation in retirement. The sheer number of Boomers provides an opportunity to have a transformative effect. We believe there is significant potential to increase volunteering and civic engagement in America, particularly among regular volunteers, churchgoers, Boomer women, African Americans, Hispanics, and to design policies and initiatives that tap the talents of these extraordinary generations.   

    Partner: Peter D. Hart Research Associates 

  • Engaged for Success Service-Learning as a Tool for High School Dropout Prevention 
    This report presents original and secondary research that shows the ability of service-learning to address some of the principle causes of dropping out. It highlights findings from a nationally representative survey of 807 high school students, including 151 at-risk students, who share their views of service-learning. The report also examines the results of focus groups of service-learning teachers who provide specific examples of the ways in which service-learning has affected their students, as well as interviews with current students who offer their perspectives on service-learning programs. Service-learning holds the potential to address each of the underlying causes of low graduation rates, while incorporating the strategies most recommended for preventing students from dropping out. 

  • Partner: Peter D. Hart Research Associates 

    Sponsor: National Conference on Citizenship 
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