2011 Reports

  • Building a Grad Nation Annual Update
  • This report shows that America continues to make progress in meeting its high school dropout challenge. Leaders in education, government, nonprofits and business have awakened to the individual social and economic costs of the dropout crisis and are working together to solve it. This year, all states, districts, and schools are required by law to calculate high school graduation rates according to a common formula and reporting standards and, for the first time, be held accountable for setting goals and meeting annual targets. This report is the first in a series of annual updates that will be provided through 2020, as the nation makes progress and confronts challenges to meet its national goal of a 90 percent high school graduation rate by 2020. 

    Partners: Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, America's Promise Alliance and Alliance for Excellent Education
    Sponsor: AT&T
  • A Call to Peace Perspectives of Volunteers on the Peace Corps at 50
  • This report showcases what we discovered from our nationally representative survey of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs). The impact of the Peace Corps has been most deeply felt through the relationships and common understanding it has fostered among Americans and people from 139 countries the Peace Corps has serve. Peace, more than development, has been its overriding purpose and those who have served in the Peace Corps believe they have been most effective in advancing the two goals related to promoting mutual understanding, while often less effective in meeting the need for trained men and women in host countries. Service in the Peace Corps is also a transformative, life-changing experience for the vast majority of RPCVs. This report also includes ways forward for expanding and strengthening the Corps and its impact. 

    Partners: National Peace Corps Association and Peter D. Hart Research Associates 
  • On Track for Success The Use of Early Warning Indicator and Intervention Systems to Build a Grad Nation
  • This report represents the first national assessment of Early Warning Indicator and Intervention Systems,- data-driven programs used to identify those students who are on track to graduate and those who are falling behind, far enough in advance to provide appropriate interventions,- at the district, state, and national levels. It shares evidence from the latest research and best practices from the field so that parents, educators, administrators, business leaders, and legislators can be better equipped to keep children on track to graduate high school, prepared for college and career success.   

    Partner: The Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University
  • Across the Great Divide Perspectives of CEOs and College Presidents on America's Higher Education and Skills Gap
  • This report offers a clear-eyed view of the state of American education, where our business and higher education leaders can make a difference, and a roadmap for focusing on what needs to be done to prepare future workers for the demands of tomorrows economy. While access to education has expanded significantly in the United States over the last century, a new crisis has emerged: disturbing numbers of students who enroll in post-secondary education are failing to complete their degrees with huge consequences to them, society, and the economy.We surveyed a national cross section of 450 business leaders and 751 post-secondary leaders at community colleges, private sector career colleges, and less selective four-year institutions for their perspective on the challenges, goals, and work ahead to cross the great divide between college completion and future success.

    Partners: Corporate Voices for Working Families, Institute for a Competitive Workforce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Peter D. Hart Research Associates
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