2012 Reports

  • Building a Grad Nation Annual Update
  • This report shows that high school graduation rates continue to improve nationally and across many states and school districts, with 12 states accounting for the majority of new graduates over the last decade. The number of - "dropout factory" high schools - and the number of students attending them has also declined significantly. Although some states and school districts show that the dropout crisis can be solved, others are lagging, with 10 states having lower high school graduation rates recently compared to earlier in the decade. The strong relationship between education and the economy frames this year's report to reinforce what is at stake in strengthening our nation and preserving access to the American Dream for generations to come.

    Partners: Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, America's Promise Alliance and Alliance for Excellent Education
    Lead Sponsor: AT&T
    Supporting Sponsor: Pearson Foundation

  • Opportunity Road The Promise and Challenge of America's Forgotten Youth
    The central message of this report is that while the millions of youth ages 16-24 who are out of school and out of work face significant life challenges, most start out with big dreams and remain confident or hopeful that they can achieve their goals; most accept responsibility for their futures; and most are looking to reconnect to school, work and service. They point the way to how they can effectively reconnect to education, productive work and civic life.

    Partners: America's Promise Alliance and Peter D. Hart Research Associates
    Sponsors: Annie E. Casey Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and James Irvine Foundation

  • 2012 National Survey of School Counselors  True North: Charting the Course to College and Career Readiness
    Surveyed in 2012, the frustrations and hopes of a nationally representative sample of school counselors and administrators reflect the central message of this report: although counselors and administrators believe in the college and career readiness mission for counselors, a lack of focus, training, accountability and resources stands in the way of real progress. There is a growing national movement to better utilize school counselors and with changes in policy and practice, counselors can emerge as invaluable resources in our nation's schools to boost college and career readiness at a time of fiscal constraint.

  • Partner: Peter D. Hart Research Associates

    Sponsor: College Board Advocacy & Policy Center National Office for School Counselor Advocacy

  • Career and Technical Education Five Ways That Pay Along the Way to a B.A.  
    This report has two parts. Part One explores in detail the five major CTE pathways at the sub-baccalaureate level: employer-based training, industry-based certificates, apprenticeships, postsecondary certificates, and Associate's degrees. Part Two lists the occupations for which CTE prepares American workers. 
    Partner: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

     Sponsors: Lumina Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • National Roadmap For Opportunity Youth
    This roadmap describes what we know about opportunity youth and existing efforts at the local, state, and national levels to help them reconnect to school work and civic life. We need to build on the extraordinary momentum of the last few years to drive forward on a plan of action that will help fulfill the potential of millions of Opportunity Youth.
    Sponsor: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Enterprising Pathways Toward a National Plan of Action For Career and Technical Education 
    The purpose of this report is to inform a national debate among business leaders, educators, policymakers, and the public about the role of CTE in the United States. To that end, this report provides important historical context, advances an argument for why an updated CTE system will strengthen America's global competitiveness, documents the agreement from all quarters about the steps needed, and offers specific solutions for making CTE relevant and responsive to the needs of the youth and young adults it serves. Finally, this report lays out a roadmap to achieving reforms to strengthen U.S. competitiveness.

  • Sponsor: IBM

  • The Economics of Investing in Opportunity Youth
    This comparison study extends our analysis of opportunity youth in several ways. First, we describe the opportunity youth population, highlight key economic issues, and report on recent trends in the prevalence of such youth; we also look forward to how youth prospects might change over the next decade. Second, we calculate the losses associated with our failure to invest in opportunity youth. Finally, we consider policies for investments-describing current funding, proposing a series of policy solutions, and outlining how these should be funded.

  • Sponsor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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