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August 10, 2017 -  Given the nation's difficult times, we need to be reminded that active citizens will rescue our nation back. See John Bridgeland's Commencement Address at Johns Hopkins in the pouring rain in 2013. 
August 1, 2017 -  Barbara Duffield and John Bridgeland write an op.ed for EdWeek — For 1.3 Million Homeless Students, ESSA is a Beacon of Hope — found here
July 25, 2017  -  John Bridgeland and John DiIulio speak to students who are Chinese nationals at the Global Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Topics discussed included global leadership on ending malaria deaths in Africa, national service, and how to find your calling in life. The students had read Bridgeland's book, Heart of the Nation, as part of their course at the University of Pennsylvania. 
Jul 19, 2017 -  John Bridgeland co-leads with James Kvaal a Roundtable on Higher Education for Results for America to bring the concept of "Moneyball" or evidence-based policy to higher education. 
June 30, 2017  -  The Aspen High Seas Initiative is "soft launched" at Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado. The team includes John Bridgeland, Sylvia Earle, David Shaw, Bob and Sarah Nixon, Barbara Block, Mary Ellen Sprenkel, Fallon Bridgeland, Matthew Atwell, and Esau Sinnok. See clips from the panel here
June 12, 2017  -  Erin Ingram, Barbara Duffield, and the Civic, Schoolhouse Connection, ICPH and America's Promise Alliance team host an event on Capitol Hill featuring students who were homeless and are now enrolled in or graduating from college. The campaign released State Report Cards on Student Homelessness to spur state and local leaders to embrace these children and youth and help them navigate their life circumstances towards a better future. Find the State Report Cards here
June 6, 2017  -  John Bridgeland, Sylvia Earle, and David Shaw participate in the Ocean Elders dinner in New York City in connection with discussions on the Ocean and High Seas at the United Nations.  
May 23, 2017 -  In 2006, Civic Enterprises organized the International Conference on Faith and Service, bringing leaders from three Abrahamic faiths Christianity, Judaism, and Islam  together in a discussion and agenda for action. Thanks to the Case Foundation, service projects among people of different faiths were organized in 42 hot spots around the world. After their service, people of different faiths came together to discuss what it was in their respective religious traditions  the Christian Beatitudes, the Jewish Tikkun Olam, and the Five Pillars of Islam that inspired them to serve. We need to rescue that spirit back today, in a world that provides more sources of unity than division. 

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The Aspen High Seas Team launches its initiative at The Aspen Ideas Festival.

The National Service agenda from the Bipartisan Policy Center's Commission on Political Reform is moving forward. Commission members shown below. 

John and Jim Bridgeland tour the forthcoming Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, which will be completed in June. 

Sylvia Earle, Bob Nixon, John Bridgeland and Sarah Nixon premiere their Sea of Hope film at National Geographic to an overflowing crowd, to bring the national park idea to the ocean in the next century -- the "Blue Centennial". 

EARTH President's Advisory Board Chair John Bridgeland and President's Youth Advisory Board member Fallon Bridgeland participate in the 24th EARTH University Graduation with President José Zaglul, former Board Chair Randal C. Teague, Sr., and more than 100 graduates from more than two dozen countries.

Oceanographer Sylvia Earle and Rob from the Earth Conservation Corps go snorkeling in the Potomac River and discuss what it will take to clean up America’s rivers and ocean. John Bridgeland, Bob and Sarah Nixon, and Brian Skerry joined the expedition to film the Blue Centennial.

John Bridgeland and Bruce Reed join Dr. Sylvia Earle, Richard Pyle, and Bob and Sarah Nixon aboard the KOK for scientific expeditions in Pisces IV and V subs to explore marine life in the depths of the ocean.  Civic Fellows Lily and Sarah Jenkins from Molokai joined the expedition.  The Blue Centennial team participated in public hearings for the expansion of Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument.  

Results for America

2016 Federal Invest In What Works Event

April 18, 2016:
Results for America gathered top federal leaders at the Newseum in Washington D.C. to discuss their most exciting efforts to build and use evidence to improve results for the American people. This video features former White House Directors John Bridgleand and Bruce Reed, former USAID Administrator Raj Shah, and Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan.

Growing Healthy Communities

Ideasteam Public Media Forum

January 25-26, 2016:
John Bridgeland appeared on Cleveland public radio — Sound of Ideas — to discuss the high school dropout challenge with Mike McIntyre. He gave the keynote address at the Ideasteam public media forum, Growing Healthy Communities, and participated in a panel discussion with CEOs from the community.

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