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Our services include public policy development, tracking federal and state issues, preparation of policy briefs and in-depth reports, strategy and coalition development, public speaking and communication, corporate civic engagement assessments, and health policy. We feature a talented team of policymakers, public officials, senior advisors to Presidents and Members of Congress, social scientists, and leaders in the for-profit and nonprofit communities. In tackling your organization's project, we will also call on the vast talents of our company's Policy Council, who are leading experts with broad experience in many public policy areas.

 Our Services

Research and Policy Development

Civic Enterprises conducts research and writes policy briefs and in-depth reports for organizations on a wide variety of issues. Briefs are provided on a regular basis and can help organizations communicate with their members, highlight innovative policies and practices, and help educate policymakers and other important constituencies about their work. Reports utilize original research as well as the most up to date information in the field and can be used on a national level to accelerate public and private action. We tailor the service to meet the needs of your organization.

Strategy and Coalition Development

Civic Enterprises leverages its resources, partners, and vast industry knowledge to create and spearhead innovative policies, coalitions, and campaigns at the grassroots, state and national levels that champion worthy initiatives.

Public Speaking & Communications

Civic Enterprises can help shape and convey your honest, direct message to the public.

The firm’s officers also have extensive public speaking experience in the United States and abroad, and can be enlisted to address your organization on a wide range of timely public issues.

Corporate Civic Engagement

Civic Enterprises works with corporations to assess the quality and reach of their civic engagement policies and practices.

These assessments include recommendations for new civic initiatives that can strengthen both communities and business interests.

State & Federal Tracking

Civic Enterprises can provide informed analysis of how pending federal and state issues could affect your organization, including designing strategies to respond in a competitive environment.

Health Industry

Civic Enterprises can offer expertise in: Medicare payment policy, Medicaid reform and state-based initiatives, federal budgetary estimates, and quantitative analysis of policy options.

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